Performance begins with our project plan & implementation timeline execution and continues through our selection of credentialed benefits counselors. Our benefits counselors undergo rigorous training, to communicate and deliver the agreed-upon strategy, in order to maximize the value of the benefits package offered by the employer as well as assist employees in making sound financial decisions. Our process is not complete until we have audited all enrollment and deduction files to confirm accuracy before they are delivered to the carrier and the client. The final step in delivering on our value proposition is providing employee feedback compiled directly from the ratings that employees have given to the benefits counselors who assisted them with their enrollment.

Here are some of the ways that we increase value and performance throughout the process.

Change Management

  • Provider lookup
  • Pre-authorization review
  • “Continuation of Care”

Educating Employees on Consumer Tools

  • Telemedicine
  • Rx specialty plan review
  • Transparency cost calculator review
  • Provider discounts and perks review
  • Application download 

Annual Review with Benefit Counselor

  • Wellness program 
  • Review key points of benefit offerings and changes 
  • Dependent audit and qualified Waivers 
  • Review and sign-off on limitations and exclusions

Post Enrollment

  • Employee survey 
  • Bill reconciliation 
  • Enrollment file scrub 
  • Deduction file mapping
  • Stewardship meeting
  • New Hires 

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