Custom Communication Plan

Voicemail Drops

Launch open enrollment with a personal message directly from the employer delivered right to the employees’ phone. This is not a robocall. Our voicemail drop technology leaves a message on each employee's phone. This communication helps to create the roadmap for what employees should expect for communication throughout enrollment. 

Texting Communication

In today’s virtual world, text messages are the most effective way of getting information to employees. Text messaging campaigns have a 98% open rate, which makes them highly effective in ensuring that employees are engaged and informed throughout the process. We will use text messages to deliver important information about open enrollment, help employees register for an appointment, and send custom videos highlighting their benefits. 

Custom Postcards and Posters

As part of our custom communication plan, our team will design and distribute custom postcards and worksite posters alerting employees to the upcoming open enrollment. These postcards and posters are employer branded and will let employees know that open enrollment is just around the corner. 

Custom Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Our team will work with the employer and broker to make a custom employer-branded video that highlights key benefit changes and specifics regarding the upcoming open enrollment. 

Self-Scheduling Tools

Our mobile-enabled web app allows employees to schedule a time to speak with a benefits counselor at their convenience. Our dedicated team of credentialed benefits counselors is available to speak with employees outside of the workday, so they can include their spouse, partner, or another decision-maker when reviewing their benefits. 

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