In today’s environment, Americans have a greater awareness and sensitivity when it comes to making the right choices on their benefits, but the vast majority say they want and need help.

At Ep6ix, we combine people, platform, partnership, product and process to ensure that every employee makes the right decision for themselves and their families.

One-on-One Consultation with a Benefits Expert

Every employee has unique needs when it comes to their benefits. That’s why our benefits counselors take the time to get to know each employee they meet, enabling them to make individualized recommendations. Our counselors are trained to take a holistic approach to the employee’s financial wellness, helping them pick coverages that meet their budget while covering their unique risk exposures.

Cost Containment and Employee Retention

With the cost of health insurance increasing each year, employees are constantly looking for ways to save on cost without sacrificing coverage. Ep6ix helps drive benefit strategies that lower cost, while still providing comprehensive coverage, helping to retain employees long-term, and reducing turnover.

Greater Options

If there is one thing that is universally true about benefits, it is that employees want options. At Ep6ix, we help drive benefit strategies that give employees access to more robust benefit offerings, with unique underwriting offers based on strong engagement strategies.


The best engagement strategy is a clear and comprehensive communication strategy. Leveraging MyBenefitsGuru, our elite team of benefits counselors and enrollment platforms, Ep6ix will ensure that employees receive clear and consistent communication about their benefits.

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