The standout People are the differentiator in the Ep6ix equation.

Preparation, Process and People lead to unparalleled employee engagement and Enrollment Performance.


We combine a unique shared experience working in the employee benefits industry with specialty expertise that allows us to adapt to the fast-paced needs of modern workplaces and help usher innovation in the health care industry.

  • Over 1,600 tenured, credentialed, local benefits counselors assigned for year-over-year enrollment support and the ability to handle new hire onboarding.
  • Trained on enrollment platforms, call center and virtual screen share technology.
  • Accountability through the employee rating of each consult - effectiveness measured by a custom survey of each employee.
  • All benefits counselors complete extensive case training requirements including case-specific quizzes prior to enrollment.
  • Certified benefit counselor holistically trained in core benefits to assist employees in making the best financial decision across all of their benefits.
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