• The Health Benefit Alliance (HBA) expands access to affordable, quality health benefits through intelligent plan design, an unrivaled focus on innovation, and disciplined delivery of healthcare resources.
  • We developed a vital alternative to traditional carrier plans that meets the health benefit needs of U.S. employees across a diverse labor force and work environment.

Product Differentiators



  • Lower premiums than traditional offerings
  • No Deductible options
  • Guaranteed Issue (following group approval) - Minimum 2 enrolled
  • Open Access – No network hospital restrictions.
  • 24/7/365 Telehealth and Teletherapy
  • Discounted Diabetic Supplies
  • 4-tier prescription plans (top 600 generics $0 Copay)
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Meeting the need

  • Our health plans are affordable, ACA and ERISA compliant, and built on copays – not high deductibles that create barriers to care – with nationwide availability.
  • Our app provides access to all components of the health plan including digital medical cards, telehealth visits, claims tracking, payments, and more.
family doctor pediatrician conducts examination of child boy who came with his mother,  and giving high five to him

Plan Features

  • deductTelemedicine including Mental Health Therapy
  • Facial Scan Technology for LifeVitals
  • Second Surgical Opinion
  • Diabetic Supplies and Psychiatric Care
  • Strong national network
  • Zero deductible plan options
  • Pay a copay and use any doctor

HBAScripts SM

HBAScripts SM is a unique pharmacy program designed to make the most common generic medications available at no cost to plan participants. These medications include:

Acute Medications (immediate need)

Up to a 30-day supply of the top 125 most prescribed acute generic medications

Chronic Medications Up to a 90-day supply of the top 480 most prescribed maintenance drugs

Diabetic Supplies

Up to a 90-day supply of specific diabetic non-insulin products at a participating local retail pharmacy…all at no cost to plan participants. This includes generic oral diabetic medications and specific brands of diabetic test strips and lancets/pen needles.

ReliOnTM Novolin 70/30 and NovoLog insulin can be filled at participating retail pharmacies for:

  • 30-day supply
    • Vials - lesser of plan’s retail copay or $10
    • Pens - lesser of plan’s retail copay or $25
  • 90-day supply (retail or mail order)
    • Vials - lesser of plan’s mail order copay or $20
    • Pens - lesser of plan’s mail order copay or $50